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  Founded in 1994 by Sanjeev Bhargava, SEHER literally means ‘breaking of the dawn’. Since its inception, Seher has been synonymous with thoughtful and imaginative initiatives in the sphere of painting, sculpture, theatre, dance, music, literature and cinema.
Seher was founded with the vision of taking Indian culture to large number of people, not just to a small cultural elite. In the last 15 years, Seher has become one of the most highly regarded organizations in the area of the performing and visual arts – both for the diversity of performances as well as for the unusual manner in which each one has been conceived. Its events have been repeatedly described as historic, innovative and radically different. These have included live performances amid ancient monuments as well as in public parks. Many have been done for the first time ever in India and have attracted thousands of people.
  Seher has three aims :
• To let the best in Indian culture touch as many people as possible.
• To move away from restricted auditoria into larger open spaces, like monuments and gardens.
• To get younger and international audiences interested.

Its annual offerings in the capital include:

Ananya: a classical Indian dance festival performed at the spectacular Purana Quila.
Bhakti Utsav: a festival of devotional music in the serene surroundings of Nehru Park.

In August and September 2007, the Mayor of London Authority selected Seher from India to help organise the India Now campaign in London through the Trafalgar Square and Regent street Festivals in which more than 50 artists and craftsmen traveled to UK to promote Indian handicrafts, textiles and classical and folk traditions of India.

Seher and SAARC
India assumed the Chair for SAARC - South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation - in 2007. To celebrate the spirit of SAARC and bring the South Asian Region closer, India organised the first SAARC Cultural Festival. Seher was selected to help ICCR and SAARC Desk (Ministry of External Affairs) to design unique projects.

Under the aegis of SAARC and ICCR, Seher organised Jaisalmer Yellow, a SAARC Artist Camp at Jaisalmer, India, bringing together well known painters from India, Pakistan, Bhutan, Maldives , Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka to work on the theme 'Art Unites'.

In December 2007, Seher organised the SAARC Bands Festival, a three day festival showcasing bands presenting various genres of music ranging from the ethnic to the fusion. Leading bands from the eight member nations of SAARC came together in this unique cultural endeavor. This festival set a benchmark in the arena of rock band festivals in India and the South Asian region.

Seher has also organised artists’ camps on the banks of the Ramganga in the foothills of the Himalayas, on the beaches of Mauritius, Kerala and Goa, and interactive workshops around the legendary Khajuraho Temples. Several such camps have enabled young artistes to interact with eminent people, present their works together and thereby, enrich each other. Such visual art camps were organised by Seher in Canterbury in the UK as well.

Seher identifies itself with excellence, innovation, creativity and courage. And it is this that lends emphasis to uncompromising quality and aesthetics, which are today hallmark of every Seher event.

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