Banquet for President Obama 2015

January 25, 2015
Rashtrapati Bhawan
Banquet for President Obama 2015
Seher India

Banquet for President Obama


When the VVIP dignitaries visit India, they must take back a little bit of the Indian culture and its traditions. When President Barack Obama and his wife, Ms. Michelle Obama were traveling to India for the first time in 2010, it was decided to present a whiff of Indian culture before the official banquet and SEHER was selected for the all-important role of curating and selecting the cultural presentation.


We presented a special choreography comprising Bharatnatyam, Odissi and Kathak. We choreographed a beautiful composition on Shanti Mantra with a message of spreading peace amongst nations. There was also a Veena recital followed by the Shillong Chamber Choir.


Given the success of the 15-minute dance presentation which was much appreciated by the visiting dignitaries, SEHER was asked to curate and present a full 30-minute presentation again in 2015 when President Barack Obama visited India again as the Chief Guest on the Republic Day of India in 2015.




Rashtrapati Bhawan events –


SEHER has been consistently curating and organizing some of the most diverse events for the Rashtrapati Bhawan from 2003-2017.


The events have featured various performing and visual arts from Sufinana Qawwali of Chand Afzal to Carnatic Kritis of Aruna Sairam to various dance recitals, Rabindra Sangeet of Kamalini Mukherji to rock and fusion bands from Pakistan, Bangladesh and India.

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