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Founded in 1994 by Sanjeev Bhargava, SEHER means the breaking of dawn. It was started to bring about a new dawn of immersive and experiential cultural thematic events outside the  commercial pay walls and making such experiences accessible to all coming from various stratas of societies who would otherwise not get an opportunity to experience such events.,

SEHER is today regarded as one of the most revered organizations for its innovative work in the areas of music, dance, visual art theater and cinema  It conceptualizes and produces large scale national and global events in India and abroad. These events are designed to promote harmony, encourage cultural interaction and enhance people to people contacts between nations.  Some of its biggest festivals are the very popular  Udaipur World Music Festival, Jaipur Jazz and Blues Festival, ASEAN India music festival, ASEAN India artist camps, Bhakti Utsav and Ananya dance festival to name a few.

SEHER has also established a lot of events with ministries like the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and the Ministry of textiles Government of India. Seher has worked on  landmark occasions with Rashtrapati Bhawan  for conceptualization and production for the special banquet for the president of india in november 2010 as well as in 2015 IN in honor of H.E. Barack Obama and his entourage.

In the three decades since its existence, SEHER has become known most of all for its aesthetic and impeccable execution and for bringing new thinking to cultural events, such as first-of-its-kind live performances set against the backdrop of heritage monuments, music festivals in public parks,  and exchange between various art forms.

Its enduring value remains bringing Indian culture out of closed auditoria with truly democratizing culture for the people of India and the world.

Our Values:

  1. To democratize performing and visual arts and make them accessible to people from all walks of life, not just a select few.
  2. To explore innovative and avant-garde ways of presentation while taking the performances into creative spaces such as protected heritage monuments and public parks both in India and abroad.
  3. To discover, support and present innovative platforms to lesser-known but highly talented artists in every sphere be it music, classical dance, visual arts or cinema.

Curator’s note:

“Music and art weave the very fabric of our society. At SEHER we strive to spread sensitivity and love through this fabric all over the world.  We believe in democratizing art and culture and bringing it to the youth and people across the globe.. Over the years, I have personally made an effort to bring together artists of various genres of creativity from all over the world on one platform. SEHER also discovers and supports lesser known younger talent many of whom have gone on to become eminent names in performing and visual arts. Our endeavors over the years have led to lifelong creative collaborations and friendships across continents. To me this is the essence of existence.

– Sanjeev Bhargava, Founder and Festival Director at SEHER.



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