Qutub Festival

Qutub Festival


The Qutub Minar came alive with the beautiful rendition of classical music and dance at the Qutub Festival by Seher. An annual event in the months of November-December, the festival commemorated the historical importance of the majestic Qutub Minar.

Organised in collaboration with Delhi Tourism, the Qutub Festival witnessed a footfall of more than 4000 visitors. Celebrated artists like Amaan and Ayaan Ali from Bangladesh, contemporary bands like Indian Ocean, and decorated santoor artist Rahul Sharma enthralled the audience with the unique colours of the Indian traditional milieu.

Spread over three days, the festival brought the monument alive with the echoes of soulful melodies and the rhythm of the ghungroos. Visitors to this exotic dance festival saw classical dance performances by reputed artists, listened to beautiful renditions of ghazals and qawwalis, and were mesmerised by sarangi and sitar recitals.

The festival attracted a large number of visitors, including a sizeable majority of foreigners eager to glimpse at the rich cultural heritage of India. Enticing all the senses, the festival was a visual treat with the cultural extravaganza of music and dance, while your palate indulged in the culinary delights of the food stalls put up by different states.


Curator’s note:

“The towering Qutab Minar is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of our country. Set against the majestic backdrop of the Qutub Minar itself, this annual cultural festival is an endeavour to familiarise people, especially the youth, with the timelessness of Indian art and culture. The festival celebrates the rich grandeur of India and its cultural accomplishments in the various forms of dance and music. It is Seher’s attempt to bring the heritage monument to life and provide a platform for the preservation of classical Indian art beyond closed door auditoriums.”


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