Handmade in India

Handmade in India was curated and executed by SEHER along with DC (Handicrafts), Ministry of Textiles and Ministry of External affairs, Government of India, as special thematic exhibitions in convergence with well-established and highly publicised annual events in multiple countries. These artisans who come down from generations but live in a world of their own but Seher showcase of handicrafts gave them he much needed exposure to the global world.

Indian crafts are like a tapestry of Tradition, Skill, and Artistry. Exploring Indian craft is like embarking on a journey through time and culture. It is this beauty that we took to the world with ‘Handmade in India’.

The editions – Sweden and Netherlands were highly successful and allowed Indian artisans to directly connect with the consumer and increase their audience. The crafts bazaar extended beyond the realm of buying and selling and allowed the international audience to learn about the magnificent crafts of India where in the world most of the products are machine made we brought in handle in India and take home some of the finest handcrafted pieces!

Curator’s Note :

“Handmade in India celebrated the spirit of preservation, innovation, and cultural exchange. The crafts bazaar had people indulging in an array of handmade and unique items, crafted with love and passion. From intricate jewellery to exquisite textiles, every booth at the bazaar told a tale of skill, tradition, and individual expression from India!”

2024 | Seher India