Samyukta Festival

Samyukta, a significant three-day festival, exemplified our commitment to breaking down hierarchies and fostering collaboration within the performing arts community. One pivotal aspect we addressed during Samyukta was the role of accompanists in Bharatanatyam performances.

We believe that accompanists are as significant as the dancers, and therefore, the accompanists that we showcased in this festival were revered singers like Bombay Jayshree and TM Krishna, and they were as important, if not more, than famous Bharatnatyam dancers like Priyadarshini Govind and Leela Samson.

By making the singers sit on a seated platform, we aimed to dismantle the traditional hierarchy that often places singers in a secondary role. Moreover, our efforts to promote collaboration extended beyond Bharatanatyam to encompass other dance forms such as Kathak and Odissi, reflecting our dedication to fostering inclusivity and innovation in the performing arts.

2024 | Seher India