Anwesa Mahanta (India)

Performing Artist- Dance

Seher is one of the foremost organisations that has been promoting arts and culture globally in celebration of the spirit and ethos of our country. I really feel privileged to be associated with this organisation since 2013; and the philosophy and vision of this organisation has always inspired and motivated me in my artistic pursuits. Apart from presenting art forms ranging from traditional to contemporary in all its grandeur, the meticulous planning, design, and care with which Seher team under the guidance of Sanjeev ji, curates each project keeping in view an artist’s needs, comfort and requirements, is always so overwhelming. Seher has always celebrated interdisciplinarity of arts bringing in artistic efflorescence in each of their projects, and as one of their audiences and an artist I have personally gained many treasured moments that have enriched my journey of understanding arts and aesthetics.
—-Anwesa Mahanta


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