Abida Parveen Concert

July 1, 2004

SEHER  along with the External Affair’s Spouses’ Association Charitable Trust, and ICCR and organised a live concert by Sitara-e-Imtiaaz Begum Abida Parveen.

One of the foremost exponents of Sufi music in the world, Abida Parveen is known for her soul-stirring voice and moving performances. Performing against the backdrop of Purana Qila, the event witnessed the recital of some of the most popular songs of the Sufiana kalam, literally the sayings of sufis, in the form of invocation to God.

The concert was thronged by more than 3000 people on a pleasant Delhi evening. Infusing her performances with raw emotion, Abida Parveen brought audience’s heart to resonate with the music. The performance thus, while proclaiming a deeper bond of Universal Love that soars above the boundaries that divide religions and secular denominations, was as bewitching as it was awe-inspiring for the large audience pulling them into a whirl of musical ecstasy.

Curator’s Note :

“The Abida Parveen concert was a celebration of spirituality, love, and the beauty of Sufi music. It offered the Delhi people an opportunity to experience the magic of her voice, immerse themselves in the world of Sufi poetry, and feel a profound connection to the spiritual essence of humanity. Free from any paywall, the concert was a cherished experience for both the seasoned fans and Sufi music novices.”

Abida Parveen Concert
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