Crafts Bazaar (Namaste France 2023)

July 6, 2023 - July 9, 2023
Crafts Bazaar (Namaste France 2023)
Seher India

The Crafts Bazaar road show featuring Indian craftsmen and weavers is a significant initiative conceptualised and produced by Seher. This endeavour holds immense importance as it sheds light on artisans and talented individuals who thrive in their respective regions but lack international and even national exposure. While there are companies working to showcase these rare talents, the approach is not aligned with how international designers and shoppers engage with the craft.

Seher, recognising this gap, sought to elevate the visibility of these artisans, craftsmen, and weavers. It became apparent that the rich tapestry and diversity inherent in Indian handmade products were not reaching high-end clientele in France, Spain, and other nations in the manner it deserved.

To address this, Seher enlisted Tara B Sanon as the curator to bring together artisans, craftsmen, and weavers from diverse studios and regions. The goal was to virtually embark on roadshows regularly, connecting these talented individuals from villages to a broader audience. The emphasis was on ensuring that their handmade products, representing the essence of India, received exposure both domestically and internationally.

Crafts Bazaar has created a platform where unique, handcrafted products are showcased to the world for the first time. Through strategic curation and roadshows, Seher aimed to not only celebrate the craftsmanship but also facilitate meaningful connections between the creators and a global audience.

Curator’s Note: Tara B Sanon

“Our Crafts Bazaars are bridges that connect the creators, the Indian artisans with a global audience. In our pursuit of fostering international appreciation, we’ve curated selections that showcases the timeless beauty of Indian craftsmanship. It is our hope that these creations, borne out of passion and dedication, find homes where they are cherished and admired for years to come.”

Crafts Bazaar
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