Dilli Haat in London

September 1, 2007
Trafalgar Square
Dilli Haat in London
Seher India

London Festivals: India and the UK have a shared history. Seher, throughout the years, has played an instrumental part in bringing the beauty of Indian art and culture to London and creating spaces where Londoners and tourists can experience India!

Dilli Haat in London:

Organised in association with the Delhi Government, Seher brought the beauty of Dilli Haat to Trafalgar Square, London. The famous Dilli Haat, which once enchanted Prince Charles on his visit to India, was recreated at Trafalgar Square. The two day event also presented Manipuri dance by Priti Patel and Troupe and traditional Odissi dance by Madhavi Mudgal and Troupe. The crowd was enchanted by the  contemporary band Indian Ocean and a beautiful folk performance by Garba Raas dancers from Gujarat!

The event was the first time ever that Indian culture had directly reached the house of Parliament in England with a special demonstration for the House of Lords.

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