Italian Opera

December 11, 2007

In the heart of Delhi, a captivating harmony unfolded as cultures converged in a symphony of sound and friendship. The year was 2006, and again in 2007, when Seher, in collaboration with the Embassy of Italy, ICCR, and Delhi Tourism, breathed life into an event that bridged nations through the universal language of music. An orchestra like no other, the illustrious Orchestra Del Teatro Regio Di Parma, graced the stage, bringing the opulent echoes of Italian opera to the eager ears of India.

In true Seher essence, the event was held at Purana Quila, an ancient fortress steeped in history. Against this imposing backdrop, the Parma Royal Orchestra unveiled its majesty, as if the very stones themselves came alive with the magic of music.

The almost two hundred-year-old Orchestra offered a scintillating performance that became an initiative for taking forward the Indo-Italian friendship, as well as an attempt at spreading awareness about Western Classical music.

Exhibiting the great operatic, symphonic and sacred repertoire of the Italian musical tradition under the aegis of Conductor Donato Renzetti, the orchestra enraptured one and all in a majestic evening that wavered between the magnificence of the soprano and the baritone.

Curators Note:

“Italian opera being performed at an Indian heritage monument had never been attempted before. IT was one of the most  signature events for india Italy bilateral relations. Seher’s collaboration with the Embassy of Italy for this legendary event gave life to a memory that is etched in the minds of those fortunate enough to witness it. Orchestra Del Teatro Regio Di Parma had taken Western Classical music from its Italian roots and let it flourish in the heart of India, sowing seeds of awareness, appreciation, and everlasting friendship. We were thrilled to organize the event and to bring people together with culture.”


Italian Opera
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