Lucky Ali Concert

December 10, 2005
6:30 pm

Music and movements go hand in hand and in one such initiative, Seher in association with OXFAM International organised a Lucky Ali concert to spread awareness amongst the youth about the plight of the ordinary farmers of India.

Hosted at the Hamsdhwani Theatre in Pragati Maidan, the concert was attended by over 5000 students from all over Delhi. Speaking on the issue, Lucky Ali helped the students understand the pain points of the farmers and to work towards a more equitable world as the future of the nation. The Lady Sri Ram College for Women joined hands with Seher towards making the students sensitive toward the farmer’s cause.

The concert was a hit amongst the youth in Delhi.

Founder’s Note:

“Students and the youth is the future of our country.  However, living in the urban areas it is most likely that they are far removed from the plight of the farmers. Therefore, they need to understand the bottlenecks in the agricultural sector in India. This concert with the much-revered artist Lucky Ali was a great way to also give message about the existence of farmers in our country!”

Lucky Ali Concert
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