Unnati (Nestlé Event)

September 26, 2022

Organised and conceptualised by Seher for Nestlé, the three day event themed Unnati, embodied the essence of progress, symbolised by the Sanskrit and Hindi word meaning advancement and prosperity.

In the heart of India’s diversity, Unnati mirrors the nation’s rapid growth, weaving together regional nuances, vibrant cultures, and the dynamic spirit of its youth.

Across three days, Unnati unfolded its chapters at premier venues—The Roseate and The Oberoi, Gurgaon. Day 1 invited you to “Jugalbandi,” a contemporary fusion of dance forms like Yoga and Ballet. Day 2, at The Oberoi, showcased the “Colours of India,” featuring a spectacular bouquet of over 6 classical dance forms performed by 90 dancers. The finale on Day 3, also at The Oberoi, presented “Handpicked for Nestlé – Craftbazaar,” a curated celebration of India’s rich artisanal heritage.

Curator’s Note:

“Nestlé’s group came from all over the world and converged into India only for a short period of 3 days and it was a challenge to leave a little bit of India in their hearts. Seher conceptualised the 3 day event to showcase the best of dance, music and the handmade in India handicrafts and weaves that formed the biggest USP of India in the global world today. We are very happy that the guests of the worldwide Nestlé group left india a little bit of flavour from India in their hearts.”

Unnati (Nestlé Event)
2024 | Seher India