Priya Venkataraman (India)

Performing Artist -Dance

For me the name “Seher” is synonymous with excellence. Be it the thoughtfully curated Ananya Dance Festival with the Purana qila as the majestic backdrop that I have been a part of; or the “Bhakti Utsav” where the whole ambience exudes devotion; or the energy of the “Bands festival”/ Udaipur Music Festival, the care with which events are put together is what sets them apart. As artists, it’s important for us to have a presenter who keeps in mind the needs of the participating artists like the appropriate dance floor, green room facilities, beautiful lights etc. Seher has always ensured this and more, be it in India or overseas (where I have been part of their tours on numerous occasions).
Exemplary curation (best artists) novel ideas (artist camps where performers interact with visual artists) and aesthetic presentation (from the delicate floral curtains to a wall of diyas to beautifully decked up trees)- these are the hallmarks of a Seher presentation.


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